“Due to being made redundant, I’d started comfort eating which was no good for my high blood pressure or fitness. Because Fitin30 is a ladies-only gym it is ideal for me, the staff are really friendly and helpful and thanks to them I’m back to my weight of 15 years ago, my blood pressure is down and I’m fitter than 15 years ago, plus it’s a good place to socialise. I would recommend Fitin30 to anyone. 

Penny Gough

“3 weeks ago today, I fell and broke my hip. 4 days after my operation, Doctors and therapists were all very pleased with my quick recovery. I put it down to daily workouts at Fitin30 (and so do the Doctors and Therapists), as this is very important to keep muscles strong at my age (82 years old).

“May I also add, I’ve met lots of like-minded people at Fitin30 and everyone is so friendly!

“After doing many exercises every day I am much stronger and can walk around in my kitchen unaided. Tonight I’m off to Instow for a walk on the beach with my son Robert. Once again many thanks for all your good wishes, cards and flowers.”

June Tollafield

“I am really pleased with my results! My clothes are starting to feel looser and I feel much fitter. I love coming to Fitin30 gym – it’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so friendly!”

Kate Fisher

“I have just had my first assessment after joining Fitin30 and I’m amazed at my results! The initial program and support from the trainers at Fitin30 have helped me change my lifestyle, fitness and body.

Fitin30 was the first gym I joined and the best personal decision I have made. I am excited to start my second program and determined to see the same level of progress! Thank you!”

Sarah Slade

I’ve just had my regular review at Fitin30 Gym and my results were magic. I was very surprised, so much so I cried. Chloe my Instructor is a star, “you are truly amazing Chloe, you have helped me so much and I promise I am going to do the same again and get even better results”. Thank you, Chloe and the Team. X 

Kim Soule

“I have recently joined Fitin30 after moving to North Devon and I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt. I no longer feel intimidated in the gym as it is a comfortable environment that encourages long term results. I’ve now convinced my sister and mum to sign up as I’m so impressed and they love it just as much as I do.”

Lisa Metcalfe

Since returning to Fitin30 in Sept I have lost 17.5 inches with the help and support of the amazing staff. Each programme has been tailored around my injured foot and staff have been very encouraging. I have also been attending the classes in the evening which have been fun!! My re-assessment was completed today and again, another fun but the challenging programme has been put together.

Sue Carder

“My name is Ellen and I have just reached the magic age of 60. Over the years I have like many others tried every diet and fitness regimes to help me lose weight but without much success. I joined Fitin30 gym 9 months ago and was immediately impressed with the professional and friendly staff there. I was put on a programme and with a combined eating habit I have started losing weight and toning up. I now feel I am achieving my goals”.

Ellen S.

“I joined Fitin30 a year ago as the 30-minute circuit concept appealed to me and also the women-only gym idea. Since joining my overall fitness has improved and I am also pleased with the inch loss and fat % reduction I’ve achieved since joining.

“The regular assessments are a great way to track achievements and hence motivation. The staff are all very helpful. If I have any problems with any of the exercises the girls are very helpful and try to find alternative activities that suit me better. Overall I’m very pleased with the gym!”

Lea Morgan.