Sarah’s Success

Sarah's success story started in May when she joined Fitin30 Gym

Sarah’s success story started in May

In May Sarah’s success story started when she joined Fitin30 Gym. Like many ladies, she was very nervous about coming to a gym. She soon started to feel very comfortable here at Fitin30. She had many of the normal preconceived ideas about what a gym is like but was delighted to see how different we are.

No Men, No Mirrors and No Lycra. A very relaxed environment that’s non-intimidating and just for Ladies.

She had decided that we are the place to help her get into shape by the end of her Free Guest visit. We booked her in for her full induction on the 7th of May. We discussed what her goals are both short and longterm. After taking lots of measurements it was time to create her personal programme and get her started. Over the next few visits, we accompanied Sarah around the gym so she could get used to the equipment and her programme.

Sarahs success, she was delighted with her results

The success continued, with consistent attendance, very quickly she had visited the gym 30 times, so it was time to book her first Assessment, 24th July.

We already knew Sarah’s results were going to be good but how good! You could see the difference in her appearance.

Assessments take around 45 minutes, we started by taking all the same measurements again so we could compare the two.

The results are in! Sarah had lost a total of 33 inches. Her weight had come down by 53 lbs (23.7 Kg) Her resting heart rate had come down from 74 to 63 that show that her Cardio fitness level had increased tremendously.

Body Fat% had gone down from 53.9% to 48.9% decrease of -5%

Body Mass Index (BMI) was 52.5 it has gone down to 44 a drop of -8.5

We then created a new programme for Sarah to help her towards her next goal. Overall Sarah was delighted with all the results and was excited about her new programme.

Sarah's success she was delighted again about the results after another 30 visits

Sarah’s success continues.

20th November was the date for Sarah’s next Assessment. You could see that again she was set for some fantastic results.

Her progress was visible, her shape was changing.

She was worried that maybe her results would be as good but with our encouragement, we booked her next Assessment.

Sarah had lost another 30 inches bringing her total inch loss to 63 inches! Her weight had also come down further from 269 lbs to 222 lbs, losing another 47 lbs (21.5 Kg) Her resting heart rate had come down further from 63 to 60.

Her Body Fat% had gone again from 48.9% to 38.7% decrease of -10.2%

(BMI) Body Mass Index was 44 it has gone down to 36.3 a drop of -7.7

Then created Sarah’s new programme to ensure she keeps heading for her goals. Lots of encouragement and help from all the team and other members really does help with motivation.


Inches lost so far!

100 lbs

Weight lost so far!