Our members stories.

Below you will find a few member’s stories. Ladies come to us for many reasons and we always do our best to help them. Why not book a Free Guest Visit it could be the start your story. It only takes 20 minutes and it could change your life for the better?

Julie’s story

“I feel so much better and fitter since joining Fitin30. My body is looking amazing! Thank you, everyone, at Fitin30.

PS I’ve just worn a bikini for the first time in 20 years”.

Julie has just had her assessment and what great results she has achieved, she has lost 23 inches, BP is down 120/79 Body Fat down 5.3% BMI down 0.7% and has lost 2.8kg (6.2lbs).

Here is a moving story from another Julie who joined for medical reasons

“My Fitin30 experience all started back in August. I plucked up the courage to drop in and see what it was all about!

  I’m so glad I did 🙂

My story started 2.5 years ago when I lost my job. I felt a failure, that was the start of a downhill spiral. Depression and Anxiety kicked in so bad, I was unable to leave home without my parents. It might sound silly to someone who has not had severe depression, but my confidence was at an all-time low. My doctor suggested exercise but I couldn’t face the gym. One day someone who was helping me to overcome my depression suggested Fitin30 Women’s Gym. It sounded good but I wasn’t convinced and it was 12 months later that I felt ready to take the plunge.

When I eventually came in it was with a friend for support but there was no need. I was met by an Instructor who instantly made me feel at ease, she explained what was available to me and showed me around. After I explained my situation I was told not to worry as they were here to support me. September was when I started and I’m loving it, it’s fantastic, great support with fitness, nutrition and well being. The staff are Wonderfull, very helpful and friendly.

If you’re reading this and feeling like me, then I highly recommend Fitin30 Gym. It’s all-girls supporting each other, in a very friendly environment. It’s not only good for your body it’s good for your head and well being”.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah has been with us for a few months now and has been very committed to the gym. Despite having travelling difficulties she has managed to attend at least 3 times a week.

Our Instructors have kept an eye on her, as they do for all our members and made small adjustments to Sarah’s programme to ensure she gets the most from every training session. 

Sarah has just had a re-assessment and was delighted with her results. To be honest everyone here at the gym both staff and members were delighted for Sarah. This is what she has achieved from her first 3 months with us.

  • Blood pressure has come down –
  • Resting heart rate has come down –
  • Body fat % she has lost 5% in body fat –
  • Body Mass Index has come down by 8.5% –
  • She has lost 7.5 inches just from her waist.
  • Overall she has lost 33 inches

These are all fantastic results but you’ll notice we haven’t promoted the amount of weight she has lost, well, of course, she has lost an amazing amount but the real focus is on the important results above because these are the real indicators of how healthier Sarah has become. 

We meet new ladies every day and most say they want to lose weight but if we all focused on the healthier goals then the weight will just fall off!

She lost 53lbs by the way! Sarah has now got a new programme this will keep her moving forward towards her goal as well as keeping her gym sessions inspiring and motivating.

More of Sarah’s story here.