Members Results.

Its all about Members Results

Staying Motivated can at times be hard!

We have found the key!  And that is, getting great results. Having regular reviews and achieving great results, really does keep you Motivated. A new Personal Programme also helps you keep motivated and your mind engaged with what you’re doing. You’ll learn something new with the support of our Instructors.

Proven Results.

We have been working with ladies to make the best of themselves for years now and during this period we have had some amazing members results. We have helped our members with inch loss so if you are looking to maybe drop a dress size or two, then we can help you with that!

What’s your goal?

Maybe like many women you want to lose weight or lose inches? We can definetly help you, as we have a great track record of helping many ladies do just that. Our members to lose lbs and that’s without the need to be on the latest fad diet! They lose inches by using our Resitant Training Programmes. The good news is you dont have to be fit to join a our gym. It doesnt matter what size or shape you are you will feel comfortable here at Fitin30 Women’s Only Gym.

Are you keen to just be fitter and healthier? Attending Fitin30 Gym at least three times a week and keeping to your Personal Programme. You will very quickly start to feel better in yourself and as the weeks go by you’ll be amazed at how good you are starting to feel!

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Health tip!

Did you know its possible to reverse Type 2 Diabetes as well as other ailments that a lethargic lifestyle can bring on? Studies have proved there are so many reasons to live a healthier lifestyle. That is exactly what we are about here at the Women’s Only Gym and all in a very relaxed comfortable environment. No Mirror, No Lycra and No Men, just lovely ladies all improving their lives.

Don’t have the time to Exercise?

We have made fitting in regular exercise into your busy lifestyle as easy as possible for you! Our 30 Minute Workout is not just quick but very efficient also. With the use of Resistant Training Technics, we can help you make great improvements to your body in no time at all. Book you Free Guest Visit today to find out more about us. It could be the best thing you could do for yourself!

A new Healthier Lifestyle

Here are some Members results that have been achieved recently!

In just a twelve week period.

  • Jenny B
  • 9.5 Inches Lost
  • 6.2 Kg
    (13.7 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 2.2 %
  • BMI Down by 2.2 %
  • Sarah W
  • 33 Inches Lost
  • 23.7 Kg
    (52.5 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 5 %
  • BMI Down by 8.5 %
  • Janet A
  • 16.5 Inches Lost
  • 6.2 Kg
    (13.7 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 23.8%
  • BMI Down by 2.9 %
  • Bev D
  • 12.5 Inches Lost
  • 10.7 Kg
    (23.9 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 1.6 %
  • BMI Down by 3.5 %
  • Debbie B
  • 13.5 Inches Lost
  • 3.6 Kg
    (7.9 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 2.6 %
  • BMI Down by 21.6 %
  • Paula S
  • 16 Inches Lost
  • 6.2 Kg
    (13.7 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 1.6 %
  • BMI Down 2.1 %
  • Coleen W
  • 12.5 Inches Lost
  • 12.8 Kg
    (28.8 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 2.1 %
  • BMI Down 2.3 %
  • Alison S
  • 11 Inches Lost
  • 4.2 Kg
    (9.3 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 3.2 %
  • BMI Down 1.7 %
  • Rachel Y
  • 19.5 Inches Lost
  • 9.6 Kg
    (21.1 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 8.7%
  • BMI Down 9.6 %
  • Lorraine T
  • 10.5 Inches Lost
  • 4.1 Kg
    (9.3 Lbs) Lost
  • Body Fat Down 2.6 %
  • BMI Down 2.1 %

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30 Minutes really can make a difference!

Ladies Only Gym specialising in Resistant Training Circuit for targeted Weight and Inch Loss. 30 Minutes three times a week is all you need to do to get amazing results – perfect for busy lives.

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No Mirrors, No Lycra and No Men!

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