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Fitin30 Gym Women’s Health & Fitness Centre.


Re-opening Offer!

Save £50

To celebrate the reopening of gyms across the country on the 25th July, we have relaunched our

“90 Day membership” at a discounted rate of just £90 saving £50.

This is a full membership and you’re sure to get fabulous results with Fitin30 Personal Programmes.

If you’re still not sure a gym is the right place for you then why not book a

FREE Guest Visit?

No obligation, it only takes 20 minutes and we can have a chat about what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll give you all the information you need, so you can make an informed decision. 

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Alternatively, because we know it can be intimidating going to a gym, if you would like to talk to us on the phone first you can just call 01271374594 and we’ll be glad to have a chat.

Why not come in with a friend? We know exercising is more fun when we do it with our friends!

Logo Fitin30 Gym Female

Ladies Only gym located in Barnstaple.

If like me, you’re looking for a gym exclusively for women, that’s near home then you’ve found it. Women are discovering how easy it is to get in shape at Fitin30 Gym, the all-female gym that’s low cost but delivers great results.

From girls to ladies, join the only women’s gym today and see how easy it is to get your fitness journey started. The all-female facility based in Barnstaple.

Don’t forget girls there are also pay as you go options available for both training and classes.

Location is key.

We are in Barnstaple near the bus station. There is parking at the back of our building in Belle Meadow Car Park. Click here to see us on google maps, https://bit.ly/2NCZyIb

If you have had cause to go to Brannam Medical Centre then you would have gone right passed us! So we are in the most convenient place for you to visit us!

Ladies Gym Near You!

If you’re looking for a supportive gym near you then give us a try. Our female Instructors are always on hand to help with advice and encouragement whenever you need it.

Female Club.

We are a women’s only facility. All our Professional Instructors are female and have been trained to use our specialist equipment. This ensures you’ll be comfortable whilst getting great results.

Women of North Devon.

They have been discovering how simple our equipment is to use whilst delivering great results. No banging of heavyweights here just “Smart workouts for busy women”.

Personal Programmes will get you used to exercising safely, then help you to make progress towards your health goals.

Low-cost memberships.

We believe that fitness shouldn’t cost the earth but you only ever get what you pay for! We offer a great service and we deliver great results, our membership starts from under £1 per!

Many ladies have been elsewhere but often come back very quickly.

Pay as you go!

We really want every lady to be able to come to our gym and feel at home. So we also have a pay as you go option should you decide that a membership isn’t right for you. Our Classes are only £5!

Relaxed environment. 

We have removed many of the reasons why ladies don’t want to go to a gym! Freshly brewed coffee aroma greets you as you walk through the door and that’s just the start. You’ll soon discover that we are very different.

So simple. 

Getting in shape has never been this easy and fun at the same time! The secret is, it’s not really a secret, it’s very simple.

  • Firstly we use specialist equipment, that is very easy to use.
  • Secondly, our Professional Instructors create a Personal Programme based on you at this moment in time, taking several factors into account.
  • Thirdly we ensure that you’re exercising safely but also at the right level to ensure you get the results you want.

How to start?

Again this is very simple.  Just click here FREE GUEST VISIT choose your date, time and enter some details and then Wendy will meet you in reception. This visit takes just 20 minutes and you’ll get all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

We will give you a tour of the club, explain fully what we do and what the costs are. We can find out more about you and what your reason is to start your healthier journey.

Do you think someone may find this useful? Let them know, share today. We know training with friends is always fun and motivating. We also have a great reward programme, so you could even get a bonus!

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