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Open from 8 am Wednesday 19th August

We have managed to limit the damage caused by the unusual weather conditions on 17th Aug. We still have some drying out to do but we wanted to be open as soon as we could, especially after the lockdown period. Our lovely members have made a great effort to get back to their exercise routines and we didn’t want anything to stop them from carrying on. We would like to thank everyone for their offers of support and especially our neighbour and member Helen who let us use a marvellous water extractor, that has really made a difference. X

Fitin30 Women’s Only Gym had to close due to flood damage. This afternoons flooding that hit Barnstaple has caused a local gym to close earlier today. Water was just coming through the walls and has caused damage to the flooring. Quick thinking Chloe Hardman started moving equipment as soon as she saw what was happening. The gym will be closed for the rest of today and tomorrow while the owners make an assessment of the damage. Updates will be posted on social media and the website.

Welcome back Video

We have made several changes to ensure your safety when you come back to Fitin30 Here is a short video for you to see what some of the changes are. Just click to watch.

Our Team Fitness Instructor Chloe Hardman

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We have been monitoring as much guidance as we can, both within the Fitness Industry and beyond. We believe that the changes we have made will keep you safe, but we understand that it’s also about how you will feel! So at any time, if you have any concerns, please do let Wendy or Wayne know so that it can be considered.

In order for us to control the number of people in the building at any time, it is vital that you book your first gym session. To do this please call us from Wed July 22nd, between 10 am and 4 pm.  01271 374594

Booking System

This booking system will help us achieve the social distance that we must all maintain for your safety. The time booked will be your start time in the gym. 

Please arrive at the Club wearing clothing that will allow you to exercise, as the lockers and changing area are closed due to recommended guidelines. Arrive a few minutes before your booked time, allowing sufficient time to change your footwear. Small storage containers for your personal items will be provided. Please don’t bring in large kit bags or shopping bags.

Please bring a filled water bottle. There will be no refreshments facilities available, but a bottle of water can be purchased if necessary £1.

On arrival

On arrival, please follow the one-way system through Reception and adhere to these procedures:

    1. Once you arrive at the Club go straight to the sink to wash your hands; there is a new concentrated soap dispenser and disposable paper towels.
    2. Sit to change your shoes and remove outer garments. 
    3. Staff will show you where to store your belongings, in the gym entrance.
    4. Use the hand sanitiser.
    5. Staff will pass your programme card to you and discuss any necessary adjustments. Please be aware the Circuit now runs in a clockwise direction.
    6. We will also give you a cloth with a cleaner on it that will kill any Covid-19 Virus. Please use it to wipe any touchpoints after you have used a piece of equipment.
    7. It is vital that you finish each exercise when the Timer tells you too and you move on to your next exercise. This will help to maintain social distances.
    8. At the end of your programme please pass your card back to a member of staff and we will ensure it is ready for your next visit.
    9. We will need to book your next appointments for you before you go.
    10. You can then retrieve your belongings and go back into Reception to change your footwear.

Face coverings; At this time there has been no definitive conclusion either way as to whether or not it should be compulsory in gyms. Our current stance is that if you feel safer wearing one then please do so. All staff will be wearing PPE.

Please don’t go upstairs unless you need the toilet facility. It is important to let a member of staff know before you go, to avoid any unnecessary interaction with other clients.

Classes will not be running initially, so we can apply social distancing guidelines. This will remain under review as guidelines change.

We have increased the cleaning routine throughout the day.

Maintain Social Distancing

Can you please be aware of others around you at the Club so that you do not come into contact, especially whilst entering and leaving the building. While in the building, please remain aware of the social distancing guidelines, particularly at pinch-points, such as moving from Reception into the Gym and moving across the gym floor to access equipment. The gym floor has been marked to help you observe a 2m distance. With the exception of warm-up and cool-down, all exercises which are not on the Hur equipment will take place at the far end of the gym space, which has been marked with 2m squares, for your safety.

Like many businesses, for economic reasons, we too will be temporarily changing our opening times but we`ve tried to cause as little inconvenience as possible. The gym will open Mon-Fri from 8 am until 2 pm and re-open from 4 pm until 7 pm. Saturdays will remain from 8 am-1 pm.

Finally, we very much appreciate all the supportive messages we have received; you clearly value Fitin30 Gym and the service provided. We will continue to seek ways in which we can help you during this time and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can.

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