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Industry Leaders.

Fitin30 Gym leads the fitness industry when it comes to helping women reach their fitness goals. At our gym, you will see we use specialist equipment and Resistance Training Techniques. So you will feel the benefits quickly. Just like our female members, you’ll also be working towards your goals.

 We help ladies that wouldn’t consider going to a normal gym.

There are many reasons why women are put off joining a gym, Intimidation, Nervousness, Lack of Confidence and many more. But you will discover that Fitin30 Gym is very different. Very welcoming and relaxed and that’s as soon as you walk through the door!

You’ll find we don’t have the same equipment you find in other gyms. We don’t need them to help you get the results we regularly get with our members.

You won’t find any mirrors or lots of intimidating people, we are just normal women making the most of what we have.

Logo Fitin30 Gym Female