Women’s only gym Barnstaple.

Supporting ladies from Barnstaple & Bideford.

So what makes us different from a traditional gym?

Women’s Only Gym in Barnstaple has a Friendly environment, No mirrors, No loud music and No men! These are just a few but there are many more reasons that make us different from a traditional gym.

As you walk through the door you will start to feel relaxed. We understand how intimidating the idea of going to a gym can be for ladies that’s why we created Fitin30 Gym, Women’s Health & Fitness Centre.

Based in the heart of Barnstaple, we provide an easy way of fitting exercise into your lifestyle and we’ll provide support with every step of the way.

Our focus is on you the member, this ensures you’re getting the most from your programme every time you visit.

What makes us different from a traditional gym?

We also have a wide range of classes to back up our programmes and helps our ladies get great results very quickly.

We have had many ladies that live near Bideford as members over the years. They discovered that we are worth travelling to, because we deliver great results quickly.