Fit Dance is a fun high energy class combining dance, choreography and exercise. You'll be burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness while enjoying creative routines with a large variety of dance styles. Ranging from disco and music video choreography to salsa, jive and Charleston - you can experience a different style each session and improve fitness levels as you go.

Dance will also help with improving motor skills such as coordination, balance and agility. As a weight-bearing activity, dance aerobics also strengthens your muscles, which leads to a more efficient metabolism for easier weight management. Also learning a routine involves a mental workout as well which can help you improve your cognitive skills.

We will all dance together as one group class and all routines can be adapted to suit any ability. Even those with two left feet will enjoy 30 minutes of fun dance steps and leave wanting to show off all their new moves to family and friends!

Dance along to your favourite songs and enjoy all the health benefits of an intense cardio workout.

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