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90 Day Inch Loss Challenge

Do you need help losing some inches? Then this is for you. We have created a brand new programme... Read More

News letter

October A Personal Message from us.  First of all the team at Fitin30 would like to say a... Read More

Hatha Yoga

Have you ever wondered more about  Yoga, where it originated and what style?  Yoga refers to a group of physical,... Read More

Natural Sugars

RAW HONEY is a real superfood! Produced by bees using the nectar of flowers, honey is a natural sweetener that’s been... Read More

Metabolism what is it?

Simply put, your metabolism is all of the chemical reactions that help keep your body alive.Importantly it also determines how... Read More

Fitbit or Garmin? .

I have the Garmin Smart Vivoactive Watch and I love it! In my eyes it is the best watch out there.You... Read More

Spectacular Squid Salad.

Spectacular Squid Salad Try this amazing squid salad. We have provided the recipe and instructions on how to make it, just... Read More

Kefir the Health benefits.

Kefir Kit what's in it and what will it do? For a while I've wanted to try Kefir, there seems to... Read More

Charity Support

We support Charities both National and local.We have entered a team of ladies in "Race for Life" every year since... Read More